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High-Viscosity Liquids.  Internal gear pumps are often a good choice.
Sanitary Liquids.  Sanitary lobe pumps work well for most food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications.
Solids.  Pump selection depends on the particular application.  For food-type applications containing solids, begin searching sanitary lobe pumps.  For slurries and other industrial-type solids, start with internal gear pumps.
Corrosive Liquids.  Proper selection of the right materials of construction will have the greatest impact on pump performance.   Composite external gear and stainless steel internal gear pumps are good starting points. Check out Pump School's page on handling abrasive and corrosive liquids.
Abrasive Liquids.  A number of factors can combine to minimize the effects of abrasion.  Begin with internal gear pumps manufactured with hardened steel parts. 
Toxic, Hazardous, or Hard-To-Seal Liquids.  Preventing leaks is critical for handling these fluids.  Magnetically-driven or mechanically sealed internal or external gear pumps offer a good starting point.
Extreme Temperature Conditions.  Internal gear pumps with jacketing features offer excellent temperature control.  Learn more about handling high-temperature liquids in Pump School's "Tough Application" section.

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